How do I pair the engage hub to the platform when the connection is lost?

First of all please check what engage hub version you own by checking at the back of the engage hub. Then please follow the steps shown in this video tutorial.

What is a MAC address?

MAC is short for Media Access Control address. All of our engage hubs have a unique address that identifies them on a network. You’ll need to know this MAC address to register your home hub.

Where can I find the MAC address?

The MAC address can be found on the underside of the engage hub.

How do I sign up?

Go to the log in site and sign up for a new account. Instructions will be provided on the screen.

Is the account free?

Yes, it is free. Basic functionality will be provided free of charge but extra, advanced widgets developed in the future may be subject to a fee.

How do I register my device online?

Sign up for a new account if you don’t have one with us. If you have already signed up, go to 'Settings'. You will have to type in your MAC address, which can be found on the underside of the engage hub.

How do I setup my engage hub?

Simply plug in the mains adaptor and connect the home hub to your internet router with an ethernet cable.

How do I pair my engage hub and transmitter?

Go to 'Equipment Status' in the 'Settings' Section above and check if the devices are paired up. If they are not paired, please follow the instructions given on-screen.

What details are viewable on engage platform?

The engage platform displays real-time and historical energy usage information. To know more about the features of the portal please go to 'Features' Section.

How do I pair my engage hub with an additional transmitter?

If you are an owner of hub version 2.3+, you can add up to 4 additional transmitters to your existing account. In order to add a second transmitter to your account, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your engage account
  • Click on the Settings link on the top menu
  • On the My Equipment page, scroll to end of the page, where you will find a Add device button
  • Place batteries in the transmitter and press once the link button
  • Click on the blue button to start the scanning of new devices
  • When scanning finishes, you will see the new device on the list. 
  • Fill in a desired name (in latin)
  • Select from the dropdown menu the option Sub-metering (2nd option)
  • Set the voltage (or leave as deafult)
  • Click on the small box next to the name
  • Click on Add device and finish up
  • On your dashboard you will now see all your devices.

How do I reset the engage hub?

The engage hub does not have an onboard reset function. In the future it will be possible to reset to engage hub from the ‘Settings page’ in the engage online platform. We will let you know when it becomes available.

How do I restart the engage hub?

Simply unplug the power cable and plug it in again!

Does the engage hub need batteries?

No, the engage hub is powered through the AC/DC adaptor.


Need more help?

Visit the product support page or use the Online Troubleshooter Guide