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engage hub enables you to see exactly how much

electricity is being used in your home.


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Check your home energy use…

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Did you leave that oven/heater on when you left home? Check your home energy in real time



How did your energy consumption perform this month? Check your current usage against your history



Set a ‘target spend’ for the month and check how you’re doing, make changes and stay on budget!

Cost So Far


Worried about your electric bill? Check how much your home energy is costing you so far this week, month or year

How does it work?


Simply attach a sensor/transmitter to the home feed cable, plug in the engage hub to your router or internet connection. Upload the app or sign into the engage platform. Once you have set your engage profile you’re ready to go! The sensor/transmitter sends a signal of your energy use to the engage hub which then relays the data to the engage platform or app.

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Our engage works with all our other In-home displays. The elite and e2 monitors means you can access you energy information online or in the comfort of your own home!.