Getting Started

To start using the engage platform you will need to get the engage hub, the hardware for the online energy gateway that will allow you to visualise your energy online and in real-time.

To install the engage hub please follow our simple four step process:

Please Note: If you already have an efergy monitor, you saved yourself some installation time… please go to Step 2.

Step 1

Fix the CT sensor(s) to the main live feed cable(s) at your fuse box or breaker panel and plug the CT sensor(s) into the transmitter.

Step 2

Plug the engage hub into your internet router using the supplied ethernet cable and AC/DC power adaptor to power on the device.

Step 3

Sign up online and follow the instructions described on the screen.

Step 4

Go to ‘Equipment Status’ in the ‘Settings’ Section and pair your engage hub with your efergy transmitter following the instructions provided on the screen. You will need to have access to your transmitter and hub while pairing the devices.

If you require any additional support to proceed with the engage hub installation please contact us and we will be happy to help.


*We offer different size sensors for different diameter live cables. They come Mini (max 13mm) and XL (max 19mm). You can purchase them on

**Your energy information is stored on our servers. We follow high security standards, respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

4 steps


Need more help?

Visit the product support page or use the Online Troubleshooter Guide